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evolation yoga london

Tiffany Austin and Lisa Holly met several years ago through a mutual friend and connected immediately. Both with deep roots to the West Coast and a strong passion for holistic healing and meditation, they set off on a journey of collective healing through yoga. As business partners they bring a unique set of skills and experiences to their new studio and have incorporated their extensive business acumen to create a collective.

They want to share the benefits of yoga through a variety of yoga practices.

Hot Yoga strengthens and deeply cleanses the system adding intensity to the work that you would normally get in practice and raises the level of purification exponentially. Doing the same basic practice that you would in a regular temperature room, you will work harder in a heated and humidified room. If people who have trouble with the heat take their time getting used to practicing in a heated room, they will begin to find that they have less trouble. The work done in the heat causes the arteries to dilate so more blood flows through the body and and as the body gets used to practicing in a heated environment, the system learns what to do to keep itself from overheating in this unique circumstance. Resting heart rate is decreased and your body develops strong athletic stamina. Body weight loss and muscle toning along with beautifully clear skin is inevitable in the 40% humidity that is always maintained.

If the heat isn’t for you, we also offer yoga at room temperature and mildly above. So wearer you’re a total newbie to yoga or a seasoned practitioner evolation yoga London has something for you. As part of our community you will choose from a vast array of practices, classes and time slots.

Come Join us!

Meet some of our Instructors


Christin began her yoga journey with 10 years of personal practice. She fell in love with the physical practice, the breath and the meditative sanctuary it provided.
Wishing to share this joyful practice with others, she completed her 200RYT training in the spring of 2014, The Baptiste Institutes Hands on Assisting in August 2014 and her Yin YTT in November 2017. She considers herself to be a life long student as well as a teacher. Christin feels honoured and privileged to share her love of yoga while bringing a community together in practice and believes yoga is for everyone

When not in the yoga studio, she can be found on a SUP (stand up paddleboard) teaching yoga on the water, outdoors in summer and indoors in winter.

Classes taught:

  • 60 min Foundation Practice
  • 60 min Yin


Mindy’s classes promote connection and Kula, which means “community of hearts.”  Each class will help you become highly attuned to your own body, mind & heart. With a unique theme & sequence, and a strong emphasis on technical alignment & Tantric yoga philosophy, Mindy’s classes are equal parts strength & stability, openness & flexibility. An experienced yoga teacher & practitioner, Mindy is skillful at modifying her classes for all levels of students.


I took my first hot yoga class in September of 2010 during my third year of university. What started as a roommate bonding activity has turned into a life long passion. While I started withthe 26+2 sequence, I began to explore more styles of yoga, including flow, power/vinyasa, yin, ashtanga, and probably everything in between and discovered more about myself as I discovered the benefits that each style provided.

In each of my classes, you’ll challenge yourself to unlock a new aspect of your practice, while accepting where you are at today without judgment


My yoga journey began later in my life while attempting to boost my running speed and endurance. I received so much more! I found that along with the strength and flexibility that yoga provided, my stress level also went down substantially. I was able to concentrate and felt I had more clarity. The strong sense of community in the yoga collective called to me so strongly, that I embarked on my teacher training through Moksha. 

Yoga is truly for everyone, regardless of your age, size, gender or physical limitations. Yoga provides not only a physical workout but a mental and emotional connection with what is happening in your body. Through your practice you are able to enter into the yoga room at any stage of physical ability and then develop at your own speed. 

I am honoured to be a part of your yoga journey.


Striving to bring the spark of awareness into the deepest darkest corners of my body has greatly impacted how I play the game of life, and it is this crucial piece that inspires me to share the ever-evolving practice of self-exploration. Awareness from the centre of the nervous system to the periphery and from the periphery to the centre combined with internal awareness of respiration (breath entering and exiting the body) initiates the first phases of the transformation process. By creating awareness in the body, the transport of oxygen and nutrients via the circulatory system and electrical impulses via the nervous system are able to penetrate every layer deeply, thus enabling proper communication between the cells that make up the tissues of the body. The integration and subsequent transformation that occurs here is dependent on the quality of attention (dynamic extension & awareness) applied by the student during practice.

Integration within the layers of the body provides the student with more information about the Self, subtle reactions of the sense organs to the external world, and how these influence our internal mental and physical environment.

In other words, getting in touch with your physical body influences how you perceive the world around you. When the instrument of the body is able to communicate from your toes to your head, and from one organ system to another, you become a genius of your own body: Your Primary Vehicle, and this is where the magic happens.​


I started my yoga journey in 1999 with Iyengar yoga after my first son was born. I hold certificates in Kundalini, Sivananda, Ashaya & Yin Yoga). I have been a practicing RMT for 20 years and my specialty is Thai Yoga Massage. My classes are dynamic and I love to learn and share my passion for all things yoga. I believe in following a yogic lifestyle which includes a daily sadhana (spiritual practice) and adhering to a cruelty free (plant based) diet. When I am not teaching/practicing yoga or seeing massage clients I love to travel, enjoy vegan grub, hike with my 2 bichons and spend time with my family.


Guest Instructor and Teacher Trainer with evolation yoga

Todd Willis has been practicing, instructing and training for over twenty years and bring an outstanding knowledge and experience to his student’s practice. Australian born and raised, Todd resides in France with his wife and two beautiful daughters. As our mentor and trainer, Todd guests instructs when he is in London and is an important part of the evolation yoga London family.


I discovered yoga over 40 years ago while pursuing my life long journey of finding meaning and purpose to life. I am a long time student of meditation as well as asana and you will find my teaching style constantly reinforces the need to settle into the breath, into one’s center and to being present with self. My teaching is infused with a deep respect for the individual’s capacity to discover their own wisdom, strength and confidence simply by immersing completely into practice. Thank you for practicing with me.

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